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Thinking of suicide? Please call 1-833-456-4566 toll free, 24/7 or visit www.talksuicide.ca.
Are your clients feeling low, stressed or anxious?

BounceBack®  is a free, evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program designed to assist service providers in providing support to adults and youth 15+ who need help managing low mood, mild to moderate depression and anxiety, stress or worry.

It’s free, there is no wait period, and no travel is required.

Since being launched across BC in 2008, the program has shown to reduce depressive and anxious symptoms by 50% at program completion.

*Based on the participant’s PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores from 2008-2019.

Help your clients choose the support that’s right for them.

Bounceback Coaching

BounceBack® Coaching

A trained BounceBack® coach will help participants learn skills to improve their mental health in up to six telephone sessions over three to six months. The coach is there to help motivate and support individuals as they work through a series of CBT workbooks that are personalized to their needs.

While BounceBack® coaches are working with participants on their individual workbooks, they remain primarily under your care. The coaches will inform you if your clients have been accepted into the program and will provide you with information on their progress. They will also notify you if your clients are identified as at risk of suicide during any of the routine risk assessments completed during every telephone session.

Because coaches are not clinicians, they don’t provide counselling. Coaches are extensively trained by the clinical psychologists in the delivery of the BounceBack® program. They also receive ongoing support from the clinical psychologists, who are responsible for making clinical decisions around eligibility and next steps at any time a participant discloses they are at risk of suicide.

Coaching + workbooks are available in English, French, Mandarin, Cantonese or Punjabi.
Bounceback Online

BounceBack® Online

If your client is not ready for the BounceBack® Coaching program or prefer to work independently, the online program is an option. Individuals will have access to workbooks, interactive worksheet and videos designed to help them overcome low mood and worry. Only, hey will work through the materials independently and at their own pace. You may choose to connect with them about their progress at their next visit.

Individuals can self-refer and register at www.bouncebackonline.ca.
Bounceback Video

BounceBack® Today Video

This video series provides individuals with practical tips on managing mood, sleeping better, building confidence, increasing activity, problem solving and healthy living. Videos are available in English, French, Farsi, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Punjabi. The online videos are available for your clients to watch at any time or while they are waiting for their coaching sessions to begin at: www.bouncebackvideo.ca (using access code bbtodaybc). Hard copy DVDs for your office are also available free of cost by request at: [email protected].

A Glance at the materials

The workbooks are adaptable and flexible in order to meet individual needs. Adults can choose from over 20 workbook titles in either a long-form or short-form versions. Our youth program includes 9 workbooks that use youth-friendly scenarios and graphics.

Download BounceBack promotional materials.

What others thought about BounceBack®


“Without BounceBack® there is a huge gap for patients with mental health issues – [BounceBack] meets a critical piece of that gap.”
Primary Care Physician
“Easily and quickly accessible; for a busy family practitioner having someone who can work with CBT is great.”
Primary Care Physician
“[BounceBack] gives people support who don’t have access to psychological care, it is a good resource that is consistently well applied. If a person participates in it, I always get positive feedback.”
BC Secondary School Counsellor
“You have done such a great job for so many of my patients. It’s a delight to hear all the great reviews and appreciation from patients. Thanks!”
Kamloops Psychiatrist
“I’m so pleased to see this is now available for youth. It’s been a great resource for my patients so far and I’m excited to be able to offer it to some of my youth patients now.”
Pitt Meadows Physician
“I like that the program is low barrier, no cost and that it is easily accessible for youth.”
BC Secondary School Counsellor
“As a GP we frequently see patients who present symptoms of anxiety and depression. It has made a great difference to my practice to be able to refer these patients to BounceBack® for some cognitive training rather than reaching for my prescription pad.”
Duncan Physician

Program effectiveness:

BounceBack® has shown to help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety by half, and over 90% of participants say they would recommend it to a friend or family member. Numerous research studies have found BounceBack® to be clinically effective.

Read more about the clinical effectiveness of the BounceBack® BC program in the BC Medical Journal (Vol. 61, No, 1, Jan Feb 2019) here. BounceBack® was also awarded the Doctors of BC award in 2014.