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Managing low mood, stress, depression, anxiety or worry can be difficult. Sometimes even getting through your typical day may seem like a struggle. So the small, everyday actions you take to get through day are worth celebrating.

The #CelebrateEverydayVictories campaign is all about your small daily wins. It’s not about being the best, rather it’s about doing your best and listening to yourself. Our mental health experiences are different and so too are our daily victories. One person’s small win will look different than someone else’s.

I may feel like getting out of bed in the morning is my win; you may find that staying in bed and getting enough sleep is yours. Some may feel like going to practice is a win; others may feel that listening to music alone is theirs. Some may feel that texting a friend back is their victory for the day; others may find that turning off their phone to get some downtime to unwind is their small win for the day.

It’s important to celebrate your individual everyday victories.

In BounceBack, our coaches are committed to helping you identify and celebrate the small wins in your daily life.

What does your everyday victory look like today?

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